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CTME - Caltech

A project to design and build a site for learners to find and register for professional career building courses.

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Pedsmrkt aims to be a place for pediatricians to share their ideas and collaborate on projects by providing a marketplace and community.

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Labor Law Center

Long term engagement with an ecommerce company providing posters and other compliance products to businesses through a unique subscription model.

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Large scale ecommerce replatform from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with many custom modules and a large data migration.

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Magento 1 -> Magento 2 Replatform with a design update.

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Estimates Game

Estimates Game, a solution for geographically dispersed teams during sprint planning. As a Tech lead of such a team, coordinating story point estimates was challenging, especially across diverse timezones. My Laravel-backed utility, complemented by Vue.js components and BootstrapVue aesthetics, empowers users to create, play, and archive sessions, enhancing collaboration within distributed teams.

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Connect Invest

Connect Invest is a platform that allows investors to invest in real estate projects. I was the lead developer on this project and was responsible for the architecture, development, and deployment of the platform.

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Magento Contribution

I recently had my first pull request accepted into the Magento2 code base.

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A Laravel package which is designed to run automated checks against a repository in response to github events.

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gitrelease-py is a Command Line Tool (CLI), written in Python, for managing an ephemeral release branching pattern.

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Docker + Magento2

A Magento 2 local environment using Docker.

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Rooster MKI

The Rooster MKI. My first FPV QuadCopter build.

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Vince Camuto

Women's fashion ecommerce, specializing in shoes and apparel.

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Sole Society

Women's shoes and apparel website.

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Show Me Your Mumu

Women's fast fashion website with a Hawaiian inspired theme. Made in the USA, fast growth, and a trendy retail location.

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Ecommerce: Commerical and Prosumer drainage and irrigation.

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Hansen Wholesale

Ecommerce: Ceiling Fans, Lighting & Home Decor