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Tech Lead

NDS was a challenging and transformative project aimed at upgrading the existing Magento v1 platform to the more powerful and feature-rich Magento v2, while also implementing a visually stunning frontend redesign to enhance user experience and boost sales.

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Key Accomplishments

Seamless Magento Upgrade

As the Tech Lead, I skillfully managed a team of four highly talented developers through the entire migration process, ensuring a smooth transition from Magento v1 to the latest Magento v2 version. This upgrade laid the foundation for the website's future growth and scalability.

Custom MegaMenu Navigation

To enhance user navigation and improve product discoverability, we implemented a bespoke MegaMenu solution tailored to NDS's specific needs. This dynamic and user-friendly menu system greatly simplified the browsing process for customers, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Custom Grates Product Family Chooser

Our team developed a unique and intuitive Grates product family chooser, allowing customers to easily configure and personalize their purchases.

Complex "Specifications & Support" Section

Understanding the importance of providing comprehensive product information, we created a sophisticated "Specifications & Support" section. This user-friendly interface helped customers make informed decisions, leading to a reduction in returns and an increase in brand loyalty.

"Where to Buy" Store Locator

NDS operates both an online platform and physical stores. We integrated a powerful "Where to Buy" store locator, empowering customers to find nearby physical stores carrying their desired products, thereby bridging the gap between the online and offline shopping experiences.

Kibo ERP Integrations

I successfully managed the integration of NDS's e-commerce platform with Kibo ERP, streamlining inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment.

Sphinx Search Implementation

Recognizing the importance of quick and accurate search results, we implemented Sphinx Search, enabling customers to find products rapidly and effectively.

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