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Tech Lead

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. The DryBar project, an ambitious venture by our e-commerce agency, showcased the power of innovation in the digital retail space. As the Tech Lead for this project, I am proud to share the journey that led to its success.

The DryBar project was a Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade, aimed at enhancing the platform's capabilities while seamlessly migrating over 1 million customer records. The challenge was two-fold: upgrading the core technology while ensuring a smooth data transition. The project also involved implementing cutting-edge features and functionalities to elevate DryBar's online presence and provide an unparalleled user experience.

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One of the highlights of this project was the creation of custom page builder content types. By tailoring content types to meet DryBar's specific needs, we empowered their team to curate engaging and dynamic pages. This level of customization ensured that every aspect of the website was in sync with the brand's identity and customer expectations.

Overcoming Contraints

In the world of e-commerce, time is always short, and the DryBar project was no exception. With a tight build timeline, our team had to exhibit exceptional efficiency without compromising on quality. As the Tech Lead, I coordinated the efforts of our talented development team, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely progress. I firmly believe that success lies in teamwork, and I am incredibly grateful for the dedication and expertise each team member brought to the table.

A Unified Search Experience

The heart of any e-commerce platform is its search functionality. For DryBar, we took it up a notch by implementing a custom search that encompassed products, videos, and pages. This ensured that customers could easily find the products they desired while also accessing valuable video content and other relevant information. A custom searchable video library was integrated, making it a breeze for users to explore the brand's rich multimedia offerings.

Automating the Subscription Process

To enhance customer loyalty and convenience, we implemented subscription automation. This allowed DryBar's customers to effortlessly set up recurring orders for their favorite products, saving time and ensuring they never run out of their must-have items.

Tech Leadership

As the Tech Lead, my role extended beyond merely overseeing the development process. I was also entrusted with guiding UX/UI decisions, making crucial technical choices, backlog grooming and planning the technical build.

W3 Awards
Gold Winner - General - Beauty + Cosmetics
Silver Winner - Best User Interface
Silver Winner - Best Visual Appeal – Aesthetics